Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Watercolor painting - Magnolias

An Impending Sense of Dread
A passing idea that crosses your mind in a moment of vulnerability. You cannot locate exactly where the thought comes from, but you know that something awful will happen; you also know that it will be your fault. It chases and dogs you, this idea, until eventually something does break, and you have no choice but to accept responsibility. 
Watercolor and acrylic ink on Arches paper. March 2, 2013.
Sometimes I just wanted to take a picture of my mind; a precious moment, a feeling or a dream. I discovered that I didn’t need a science fiction machine to make this possible, just a pen and paper.

Saskia Keultjes

Encourages everyone to lose their fear of drawing.  Learn how to shake off your artistic boogeyman here.

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Such tension and raw emotion in it, it makes my soul feel heavy.#female, #depression, #fear, #illustration, #drawing, #nude, #emotion,


today 11yr old brother wanted us to go outside and play with his BB gun but their dad wasn’t around, so I was like “idk, maybe we shouldn’t use it without adult supervision”

and he just stared at me and I realized

I am 20

I am an adult

I am the adult supervision


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I don’t really feel anything
Right now
And I feel like the emptiness
Should scare me like
It used to scare me.
But even that fear
Has been stripped
From me.
I am barren-
Mind, body and soul.
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